Regulatory Counseling

The Mike Cox Law Firm does not lobby, but we do provide regulatory counseling

In other words, we provide our clients with strategies to navigate an increasingly complex governmental environment. Our regulatory counseling practices assists our clients with avoiding litigation with governmental agencies; or, once involved in litigation, we assist our clients in winning or resolving the litigation in the most expedient and successful manner possible.

Some recent regulatory counseling actions involve:

  • Assisting our client in resolving a years-long, contentious multi-million dollar fight with a state agency on favorable terms.
  • Assisting our national client in crafting a county bid protest after the loss of a multi-million dollar contract.
  • Providing our client – a new business with an exciting idea for redeveloping neighborhoods with tax-foreclosed houses – with the legal research and arguments to make the business case for their model to municipalities.
  • Assisting our home building client with a solution to solve their longstanding tax fight with a
    governmental agency.
  • Counseling our client – a very successful entrepreneur – on how to get a Natural Rivers Act variance that allowed him to remodel his childhood home into an ideal retirement home in the wilds of Northern Michigan.
  • Providing our client, a non-conventional lender, with the legal and practical advice it needed to allow its business to comply with Michigan lending laws – and succeed.
  • Helping our clients meet RFP and legal requirements to successfully win state contracts.

"At The Mike Cox Law Firm, we focus our regulatory counseling efforts on the intersection between the law and
practical governance"

We understand that oftentimes the best litigation strategy with governmental actors is, to first understand the agencies’ legal obligations and practical objectives, and then tailor our legal strategy to their goals. Sometimes that entails litigation in court or administrative hearings, but often, a well-reasoned argument to the agency’s lawyers before litigation best achieves the client’s goals.