Non-profit and Foundation Law

During Mike Cox’s 8 years as Attorney General of Michigan, he was intimately involved in issues involving non-profit foundations

Historically, and now by statute, the Attorney General is responsible for regulating all charitable trusts and non-profits. In this arena, the Attorney General is a co-regulator with the IRS of non-profits. As Attorney General, Mr. Cox took this responsibility very seriously and worked closely with the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division and Charitable Trusts Section to provide leadership and oversight in the area of non-profit and foundation law.

For example, in 2005, Cox led an inquiry and review of the Ford Foundation grant process that eventually led that non-profit to make increasing large commitments to Southeast Michigan that culminated in the
Grand Bargain of 2014.

"In 2010, as Cox was leaving office, he presided over the first-ever conversion of a Michigan non-profit hospital to a for-profit hospital when the board of the Detroit Medical Center sold the hospital to the Vanguard Medical Group for the
equivalent of $1.5 billion"

This historic act not only preserved the viability of the DMC hospital system, but Cox also embedded provisions in the deal that ensured the security of over $150 million in non-profit, charitable assets of the DMC.

The Mike Cox Law Firm now provides a wide variety of services to both non-profits and individuals who serve on non-profit boards. These topics range from proper non-profit corporate governance to conflicts of interests, from election and succession issues to liability issues.   Our firm has also provided counseling and advice to individuals and non-profits on their rights and responsibilities when engaging in educational and/or arguably political speech in the aftermath of the Citizens United decision by the United States Supreme Court.

Please contact MCLF if you are a non-profit or an individual who serves on a non-profit board and needs top-notch legal advice, leavened with practical nuts-and-bolts real-life application.