Insurance Law

The Mike Cox Law Firm (“MCLF”) provides a variety of insurance law related services

Whether you need assistance before an insurance regulator or a litigator that can handle insurance defense matters, The Mike Cox Law Firm is your solution.

Within the past two years, The Mike Cox Law Firm has advised a wide variety of insurance sector entities in matters before state insurance authorities. Recently, one of our clients had franchisees whose licenses were summarily revoked by the state insurance commissioner. These summary suspensions were not based in fact or law and posed a serious threat to our client’s national reputation.

Lawyers at The Mike Cox Law Firm immediately engaged and learned the underlying issues. Upon our investigation we found exculpatory evidence and other information that allowed our firm to file a winning TRO – temporary restraining order – with the circuit court. The court entered an order enjoining the agency suspension and our client’s franchisees were back in business. Ultimately, through the work of the Mike Cox Law Firm, our client established a stronger relationship with the regulator.

"On a different matter, we helped shepherd our client through an audit that had the potential of dramatically impacting our client’s AM Best rating"

The lawyers at MCLF dove into the substantive issues and helped our client craft a response that moved the regulator to reevaluate its initial conclusions. Ultimately, through our work, the insurer avoided a damaging finding and achieved a successful outcome.

The lawyers at The Mike Cox Law Firm are litigators, first and foremost. Our lawyers have been successful in hundreds of bench and jury trials. We have both prosecuted and defended high stakes insurance tort matters. If you need an insurance defense litigator or an insurance law counselor, contact the Mike Cox Law Firm for your insurance law or insurance defense needs.