Employment Litigation

Employment Litigation: Non-Competes, Trade Secrets, and Other Employment Actions

The Mike Cox Law Firm has represented both employers and employees in trade secrets and non-compete matters, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination matters.

Trade Secrets and Non-competes

Across the United States, most states permit employers some latitude in protecting trade secrets such as client and customers lists, proprietary processes and information, and other tangibles and intangibles such as good will that generate revenue for a business. One way of protecting such trade secrets is throught the use of non-competes with employees. The lawyers at MCLF have extensive experience in advising both employer and employee clients regarding non-competes, as well as the litigation of non-compete provisions. Some recent successes for our clients in this
area include:

  • An action to enforce an employee non-compete provision in federal court against a former employee and the former employee’s new employer, a much larger and key national competitor of our client Michigan manufacturer. The book of business at stake was approximately $30 million. We moved for emergency injunctive relief and obtained an order preventing our opponent from use of any of the stolen information. Ultimately, after extensive discovery we obtained significant guarantees and a cash settlement that protected our client’s customer list and market share – and fended off future attempts against our client.
  • On behalf of a chain of veterinarian clinics, we obtained a state court settlement which protected our client’s customer list and preserved the clinics’ quality of service.
  • MCLF prosecuted, along with co-counsel, a state court non-compete action to preserve the integrity of our health care client’s quality of service and key employee base. Our expeditious action led to recovery of stolen materials, a settlement that preserved our client’s customer and referral base, and fostered long-term financial stability for our fast-growing client.

Employment Discrimination and Unlawful Termination

The Mike Cox Law Firm provides counseling and representation for employers who seek to avoid claims of age, gender, race, disability or other discrimination. Similarly, MCLF has represented plaintiffs who sought redress for adverse employment actions. Just last month, MCLF settled a six-figure case of age discrimination for
one of its clients.