Business and Commercial Litigation

The Mike Cox Law Firm represents clients in business and commercial disputes from across all sectors of our economy, including the automotive, financial services, health care, manufacturing, gaming, health care, homebuilding and aviation sectors

Our clients range from General Motors and FCA Chrysler to Wayne County to Crain’s Private 200 privately-held corporations to small, family-owned businesses. Each case we handle is as important to us as it is to our clients. It does not matter what size your business is, when you hire The Mike Cox Law Firm, you get the same skilled and responsive service: lawyers who will thoroughly learn your business and the underlying dispute; understand the dynamics and interplay between the judge, procedural rules and substantive law; and zealously advocate for your cause. It is these values, traits, and characteristics that deliver winning verdicts and settlements in business and commercial litigation.

"While we compete against the “big” law firms, we are small enough to know the impact just one adverse commercial litigation outcome can have on our clients’ business. As a result, we treat all our cases as if they are high stakes – because they are"

Some of our more recent business and commercial litigation cases include:

  • A multi-district class action against our client, a major Michigan manufacturer, that was dismissed on summary disposition
  • A trade secrets/violation of non-compete clause where a competitor and a former employee attempted to appropriate $30 million dollars of our client’s business clients
  • A series of lawsuits on behalf of our client, a holding company, on behalf of its portfolio of Tier 2 automotive suppliers against Tier 1 suppliers resulting in favorable settlements
  • A successful member/shareholder litigation in federal court to bust up an automotive joint venture where our client’s partner attempted to use the joint venture to undercut our client’s core business
  • A trade secrets case in the healthcare arena that allowed our client to protect its market-share gains in a fast growing and highly competitive sector.