Administrative Law

Mike Cox was the Attorney General of Michigan for 8 years – from 2003 to 2011.

As a result, the Mike Cox Law Firm brings an intimate – and comprehensive – knowledge of the workings of state and federal governmental agencies to our administrative law practice. Whether you are a lone individual or a publicly-traded corporation, we can help you successfully navigate the regulatory environment. Our administrative law practice touches most any issue you can imagine; whether you face an enforcement matter or dispute surrounding government regulations or have a matter before a government agency – or just want to get ahead of the curve with smart business and preparation, the Mike Cox Law Firm is your solution.

As Attorney General, Mike Cox prosecuted some of the largest companies in America on behalf of state agencies. At the same time, Cox understood that often times state and federal agencies are willing to work with those companies or individuals to address their statutorily-mandated obligations. At the Mike Cox Law Firm we have built our administrative practice on that understanding. Our administrative law practice is built on two premises: if you have to litigate, litigate hard; however, if you can, first try to build a relationship with the state or federal regulator that addresses concerns before they arise.

"If you have an administrative law problem, the Mike Cox Law Firm is your solution"

The Mike Cox Law Firm just recently we assisted a large manufacturer successfully resolve a multi-million dollar dispute with a state government agency. After litigating many issues in the state administrative hearing process and concurrently addressing others in federal court, co-counsel and the Mike Cox Law Firm created a litigation posture that led to a favorable settlement. Again, success in the administrative law arena often results from the combination of zealous advocacy in front of an administrative law judge and/or a state court or federal court judge, while working to build trust and a working knowledge of the relevant agency
and its goals.

At the same time, when an agency oversteps it bounds and seeks to summarily revoke a client’s license, we act and act quickly. That is exactly what the Mike Cox Law Firm did last year when obtaining a TRO (temporary restraining order) against a state agency that jeopardized our client’s business model. Just this spring, we helped litigate and then negotiate a successful resolution of issues our venerable Eastern Market client with the US Department of Agriculture and City of Detroit.